We create and optimize new products, services and digital marketing campaigns for startups & agencies
The most important thing to us is building products, creating services and design campaigns people use, connect and love.
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Most of the products, services and campaigns have executed without no plan! If you have a product, service or marketing campaign feel free to contact with us to discuss how we can increase the potantial you, your product or service have.

How we work?

Whether its an e-commerce or a complex data integration project. Or a new marketing campaign that you have just started. We will use our specially designed tools to analyze the project and build a cost-effective plan to take it to next level.
Google Analytics & Tag Manager
Well-design and easy to understand dashboard

We optimeze your Google Analytics account and re-define all important variables to make easy to understant and schedule reports what you need.

Facebook Business
Facebook Pixels, Events & APIs

We optimize your Facebook Business account to make possible to create well-targeted campaigns, increase engagements with your followers and publish new tools (such as shop page, iframe pages etc.)

Statistics & Data Modeling Tools

We prefer to use R programming language which is an important tool for development in the numeric analysis and machine learning spaces. We combine with other tools to make useful dashboards.

Analytics APIs

We use many APIs to make useful tools to understand problems and covert them great results such as segment. Segment is a great service to uses many APIs together to control all platforms in a short time.

Electronic Platforms
Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion etc.

We always keep in touch with makers and new media artists for working together to make great products for understanding customers/users behaviour integrated with other tools.

Presentations, Infographics, Motiongraphics

We are gathering all datas, find great solutions and make them presentations, infographics, motiongraphics, interactive dashboards to share with you or with your clients.

Our Partners

  • Digital Experience Collective
  • MotionB
  • Gabfire Themes

Our Toolbox

  • Digital Experience Collective
  • MotionB
  • Gabfire Themes
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dnomia.Data-Driven Innovation Agency
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Gonsiori, Harjumaa, 10117, Tallinn, Estonia

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Istanbul Bilgi University, santralistanbul Campus, Emniyettepe, Eyüp, Istanbul, Turkey

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